• GEO ENG 2605* Statics and Mechanics of Earth Materials Dr. Gertsch
  • GEO ENG 5332 Subsurface Hydrology, Mr. Vandike
  • GEO ENG 5335 Environmental Geological Engineering, Dr. Guggenberger
  • GEO ENG 5441 Engineering Geol. and Geotechnics, Dr. Rogers
  • GEO ENG 5761 Transportation Geophysics, Dr. Anderson
  • GEO ENG 6471 Rock Engineering, Dr. Maerz
  • GEO ENG 6477 Discontinuous Rock, Dr. Maerz
  • GEO ENG 6400** Project Report, Dr. Maerz
  • CIV ENG 5715 Intermediate Soil Mechanics, Dr. Bate
  • CIV ENG 5713 Dynamics of Earth Materials, Dr. Bate
  • EXP ENG 5612 Principals of Explosives Engineering, Dr. Worsey.
  • MIN ENG 6832 Advanced Rock Mechanics, Dr. Ge

*This is a bridging course for students without an engineering background

**Practice-oriented project report (Please see the requirements page).

Please check this page frequently; additional course will be posted when and if they become available.

Course availability subject to minimum enrollment requirements

Students are encouraged to check with the department and/or instructor on course content and delivery methods:  Delivery methods will vary widely, and range from annotated powerpoint, voice over powerpoint, and streaming video.  Department prerequisites will apply to individual courses. 

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