Summer Semester Courses (starts June)

  • GEO ENG 2605* Statics and Mechanics of Earth Materials, Dr. Gertsch
  • GEO ENG 5415 Soil Mechanics for Geoprofessionals, Dr. Rocco
  • GEO ENG 5461Transportation Applications of Geophysics, Dr. Anderson
  • GEO ENG5782 Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Dr. Anderson
  • GEO ENG 6400** Project Report, Dr. Maerz
  • GEO ENG 6441 Geotechnical Construction Practice, Dr. Rogers
  • GEO ENG 6482 MASW and GPR, Dr. Anderson
  • GEO ENG 6484 Advanced Engineering and Environmental Geophysics, Dr. Anderson

*This is a bridging course for students without an engineering background

**Practice oriented project report (Please see the requirements page).

Note: Most summer classes will not have live lectures.

Please check this page frequently; additional course will be posted when and if they become available.

Course availability subject to minimum enrollment requirements.

The student is encouraged to check with the Department and/or instructor on course content and delivery methods:  Delivery methods will vary widely, and range from annotated powerpoint, voice over powerpoint, and streaming video.  Department prerequisites will apply to individual courses. 

Please check the official distance education class schedule for more details.