Geotechnics ME Courses

The following courses may be taught and used toward the Geotechnics degree, depending on instructor availability and student demand.

For a current listing of classes, please click on the appropriate semester: 


  • GEO ENG 5099 Research
  • GEO ENG 5235 Environment Geological Engineering
  • GEO ENG 5237 Geological Aspects of Environmental Geollogical Engineering
  • GEO ENG 5315 Statistical Methods in Environmental Geology and Eng
  • GEO ENG 5331 Subsurface Hydrogeology
  • GEO ENG 5332 Fundamentals of Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEO ENG 5381 Intermediate Subs.Hydrogeology and Cont. Trans. Mechs.
  • GEO ENG 5415 Soil Mechanics for Geoprofessionals
  • GEO ENG 5441 Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
  • GEO ENG 5443 Subsurface Exploration
  • GEO ENG 5471 Rock Engineering
  • GEO ENG 5761 Transportation Applications of Geophysics
  • GEO ENG 5782 Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
  • GEO ENG 6099 Research
  • GEO ENG 6235 Advance Concepts of Environmental Geological Engineering
  • GEO ENG 6237  Adv. Geological & Geotechnical Design for Haz. Waste Sites
  • GEO ENG 6400 Practice Oriented Project
  • GEO ENG 6407 Inca Civilization Geotechnical Engineering Practices
  • GEO ENG 6441 Engineering Geology and Geotechnics II
  • GEO ENG 6477 Discontinuous Rock 
  • GEO ENG 6782 Surface Waves (MASW) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • GEO ENG 6784 Advanced Engineering and Environmental Geophysics


  • MIN ENG 4823 Rock Mechanics
  • MIN ENG 4742 Environmental Aspects of Mining
  • MIN ENG 6842 Advanced  Rock Mechanics


  • EXP ENG 5612  Principles of Explosives Engineering
  • EXP ENG 5622 Blasting Design and Technology
  • EXP ENG 6412 Environmental Controls for Blasting


  • CIV ENG 5715  Intermediate Soil Mechanics
  • CIV ENG 5716 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • CIV ENG 5729 Foundation Engineering II
  • CIV ENG 5744 Geosynthetics in Engineering
  • CIV ENG 6713 Dynamics of Earth Materials
  • CIV ENG 6715 Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • CIV ENG 6716 Soil Stabilization
  • CIV ENG 6717 Earth Dams and Related Problems

1. Department prerequisites will apply to individual courses.

2. Students should check the Missouri S&T Course Catalog for course descriptions, and check with instructors to determine the method of delivery, and the amount, if any, of deviation from the in-class syllabus.

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